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nHouse: Now your home

We provide spacious, affordable and contemporary homes, each hand-crafted using the highest quality materials. Green and full of lifestyle technology, your architecturally designed nHouse can be delivered and assembled anywhere.

A home that makes you happy

nHouse is designed for people who want a green, affordable and modern new home.

We have created the nHouse for forward-thinking self-builders, volume developers, housing associations, local authorities and other organisations who are looking for a solution to the housing crisis.

The nHouse can be set up as a detached house, semi-detached or as a terraced property. It’s available in 3 and 4 bedroom configurations with an optional car port.

The nHouse is built using innovative off-site construction techniques and can be delivered and installed on your site quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about ordering an nHouse please click here.

nHouse: New thinking

More space and light

Each nHouse is 25% bigger than the average new home in the UK. And with higher ceilings and larger windows each nHouse feels light and spacious.

Architectural excellence

The nHouse range has been created by international award-winning architecture practice Studio RHE. Each home has light, space, elegance and intelligence ‘designed in’.


The nHouse is more environmentally friendly than most new homes thanks to its higher than standard insulation materials and the use of carbon capturing timber. The addition of solar panels, house battery and other green features such as a skirting board heating system help to considerably reduce running costs.


With a touch screen allowing owners to control their nHouse security, lighting and thermostat, a robot vacuum cleaner, house battery, car charging port and even a drone landing pad, the nHouse is designed for future living.

Designed for desire

Extensive national research has confirmed that current and future home buyers want the nHouse. Over 71% of 1048 people surveyed preferred the contemporary design, spaciousness and features of an nHouse when compared to a similarly priced house from the UK’s largest house builders. We call it the Grand Designs effect. Today consumers want something different to the standard small ‘boxes’ being built.

Planning plaudits

The environmental credentials of nHouse coupled with shorter construction times, flexibility on the external finish, reduced site disruption and more consistent quality all help to give developments using nHouse planning appeal.

Faster homes

We use off site construction techniques to create the modules needed for each nHouse. Thanks to our production line methodology we are able to supply housing in approximately half the time of conventional house builders.

Grand Designs Loves nHouse


20% More Light*

Each nHouse comes with bigger windows to let the light in. Because no one likes tiny windows.

25% More Space*

The nHouse features 100 sq m of floor space - 25% more than the UK average of 80 sq m for new build homes.

Car Charging Port

So when you finally do get that hybrid you’ve been thinking about, its easy to charge it from the port in the parking area.

Solar Roofing

Generating you power and saving the earth whilst reducing your bills.

Car and House Battery Pack

So the power you generate is on hand to help power your home and your car. Simple, clever and efficient.

Highly Insulated

An airtight building envelope and A+ rated insulation achieve a 20% improvement over standard building regulations – and lower energy bills.

Skirting board Heating

Keeping the whole house snug whilst not cluttering up your walls with radiators.

Home Management System

Touch screen control for lighting, heating, security and energy usage.

Delivery Drone Landing Pad

Okay. So it’s a while until you probably need it... But if we are trying to make the nHouse future proof then you will probably need one of these.

*Compared to average sizes of new build homes in the UK at similar price points


Read our brochure for Self-builders

Read our brochure for Developers and Volume Builders

BOPAS Amber Accreditation

Who constructs the nHouse?

Each nHouse is built to exacting standards in our partner’s production facility where we employ experts and professionals with more than thirty years of experience in creating modular homes.

Each nHouse is built by a team of designers, engineers and construction experts.

Constructed in separate parts (Quads), these are then delivered and connected on site to create a wonderful fully-finished home.

All customers are welcome to come and visit our nHouse showhome by appointment.

“We want everyone to love their homes. To feel proud, content and happy about where they return to at the end of each day. For homes to be filled with light, space, helpful technology and to not cost the earth – either financially or environmentally. But something new needed to be imagined to achieve this. A new type of home. And so we designed the nHouse. A home that makes people happy.”

Nick Fulford




How to turn theory into practice...

How to turn theory into practice...

What a ground screw looks like... (what we use for your home foundations)

What a ground screw looks like... (what we use for your home foundations)

Here we are today at #BuildItLive stand B7. Great to see so many other home suppliers here. Thank you to the team at @pottonselfbuild for letting us briefly borrow their remote control. Nice people.

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