The nHouse

nHouse is a new house. Created by award winning architect Richard Hywel Evans the nHouse is a spacious, affordable and contemporary two storey, three-bedroom modular home. The house is made using off-site construction techniques and it can be delivered and set up anywhere.

The nHouse has more windows, higher ceilings and space than any other newly built home in its price range. And it’s eco-friendly with low running costs. Thanks to its forward looking ‘grand designs’ styling, lifestyle embedded technology and generous proportions, it’s a home people want to live in.

Who is the nHouse for?

The nHouse is great for anyone who wants to live in a well-made spacious modern home with character.

We provide nHouse modular homes to Property Developers, Housing Associations, Local Authorities and other organisations who need to supply quality mass housing.

The nHouse can be set up as a detached house, semi-detached or as a terraced property. A separate car port is also available.

The nHouse is built using innovative off-site construction techniques and can be delivered to any site across the UK within five months of order. Thanks to our innovative patent pending Quad Click Technology once on site the nHouse can be ready for occupation in three days.

We accept orders of over three nHouses and can supply nHouses in the hundreds if needed. To enquire about ordering nHouse modular homes for your development click here.

Why choose nHouse for your development?

Faster delivery

An nHouse can be fully available for occupation just 5 months after order. Only three days is needed on site to finish the house thanks to Quad Click Technology.


Due to its design the nHouse can be set up as a detached house, terraced house or semi-detached house. Helping to create communities and maximise density.


The nHouse can be set up in any environment from urban to rural.


The nHouse is constructed in precision factory conditions. Repeated technical specialism and quality control processes means a ‘snag free’ final product with a 10 year warranty and 50 year guarantee on core building materials.

Pre-existing Design

This means avoiding the cost and hassle of commissioning new expensive architectural designs for each new planning permission application.


The nHouse is more environmentally friendly with less wastage of materials.


20% More Light*

Each nHouse comes with bigger windows to let the light in. Because no one likes tiny windows.

25% More Space*

The nHouse features 100 sq m of floor space - 25% more than the UK average of 80 sq m for new build homes.

Car Charging Port

So when you finally do get that hybrid you’ve been thinking about, its easy to charge it from the port in the parking area.

Solar Roofing

Generating you power and saving the earth whilst reducing your bills.

Car and House Battery Pack

So the power you generate is on hand to help power your home and your car. Simple, clever and efficient.

Inbuilt Guttering

The nHouse collects rain water and then reuses it to help flush the loo and water the garden, meaning water saving and lower bills.

Underfloor Heating

Keeping the whole house snug whilst not cluttering up your walls with radiators.

Bathroom Mirror Screens

Connect your Fitbit, check on the weather, keep connected.

Delivery Drone Landing Pad

Okay. So it’s a while until you probably need it... But if we are trying to make the nHouse future proof then you will probably need one of these.

*Compared to average sizes of new build homes in the UK at similar price points

Who makes the nHouse?

The nHouse has been designed by award winning architect Richard Hywel Evans.

The nHouse is built using our team of designers, engineers and construction experts. Our construction and development facilities are based in the East of England. We manage the delivery and competition of the nHouse on site including connection to pre-prepared utilities.

Richard Hywel Evans


“Everywhere I see these cynical boxes being churned out by house builders. Mostly built on a budget with an eye on the bottom line and dividend for the shareholders rather than the happiness of the occupier.

There seems to be little thought as to how a home must be at the heart of a community, how a good home helps a family and supports its occupants realise and fulfil their dreams.

I don’t believe these Rabbit Hutches are anyone’s idea of a dream home or a happy shelter from the world. And a home isn’t just a machine for living in, its somewhere that captures your heart and shapes your life, so it needs to be special. It can’t just be an unhappy cost compromise that makes your shoulders sink as you come up the pathway.

And so I thought…why can’t we start at the other end with design coming first? What can we deliver with the same land space and the same budget? Can we build a home that does make people happy and yet still allows money to be made in the building business? Surely if we embrace the latest newest technology we can reverse the trend for building ever smaller houses out of cheaper and cheaper materials? Can we get back to building with space, light and design in mind? Can we create a home that makes its owners proud and happy… a home we as an industry are proud to build?

From this the nHouse was born. It answers all these questions, but it’s no airy fairy architectural dream. It works as a business proposition as well as a design ideal and its exactly what the government is looking for as part of the solution to the housing crisis. But, most importantly, it’s a happy home. We hope to see hundreds if not thousands of nHouses across the UK and beyond…helping to brighten and enrich the lives of the nHouse occupants.”

– Richard Hywel Evans

MARCH 2017


BA Hons, AA Diploma, RIBA


London Award 2016


New London Architecture Awards 2016



Okay nHouse watchers...this is what is in the box. A full scale model of an nHouseTHREE.

Okay nHouse watchers...this is what is in the box. A full scale model of an nHouseTHREE.

Something rather special for nHouse is in the box. Any guesses?

Something rather special for nHouse is in the box. Any guesses?
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