How do you buy an nHouse?

1Find your plot

If you have a plot already then great. But if not then the easiest way to buy land is to purchase a ‘golden brick’ plot like those in Oxfordshire at the Graven Hill site.

We also recommend NewsNow and PlotFinder as places to find plots. Also try to use your local estate agent and auctioneers when searching. Another solution is to buy a house that can be demolished and replaced with an nHouse.

2Choose your nHouse

We offer five houses of various sizes. To learn more about nHouse one of our team will happily provide a virtual tour of an nHouse3, guiding you around the house, explaining the many benefits and features and answering any question you might have about your future home or project. At this point we can discuss your Options and Upgrades, review the additional Services you may need. We then issue you with a first stage Quotation.

3Apply for planning

The next step is to get the necessary permissions. You will need to submit a planning application with the local authority where your plot is based. nHouse can provide you with planning application information, drawings, guidance and will introduce you to specialist consultants who are experts at achieving planning approval.

4Construction Commences

Around three to six months after your planning application you will, hopefully, receive permission. Once this is received then nHouse will start the construction of your home. Our team of experts and craftspeople will, over a twelve to sixteen week period, lovingly assemble your new house whilst constantly checking and testing as we go to ensure it is of the highest quality. All work is rigorously tested to be both Building Control and Warranty compliant.

5Prepare your plot

Whilst your new nHouse is being constructed in our production facility, it’s time to prepare your building plot. This may mean demolition, installing foundations and putting in necessary services. Before your nHouse can be delivered and completed, the foundations will need to be finished and checked by us. We can do all of this for you or we can work with your building team.

6Completing your new home

Your nHouse is ready to be completed and the plot is ready to receive it – so it’s time for the final step. From delivery of your nHouse to moving in takes around four weeks. In that time we make sure everything is connected and perfect, all the utilities like power and water are working and all the legal paperwork and approvals have been completed. Then it’s time to move in and start life in your new nHouse

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