“ We want everyone to love their homes. To feel proud, content and happy about where they return to at the end of each day. For homes to be filled with light, space, helpful technology. And not to cost the earth either financially or environmentally.

But something new needed to be imagined to achieve this. A new type of home. And so we designed the nHouse. A home that makes people happy. ”

Nick Fulford, CEO of nHouse

The nHouse Story

In 2016 UK based entrepreneur Nick Fulford and award-winning architect Richard Hywel Evans challenged themselves to prove that earning an average income shouldn’t be a barrier to living in a better home. And that the home owning-and-buying process could be so much better than the “nightmare” experienced by so many.

The project needed a name. Nick and Richard settled for ‘Project New House’ as the initial working title – or ‘N House’ for short – and the name stuck.

Following research and development the team settled on using traditional materials coupled with modern methods of construction to create their homes.

It was agreed that each home should be spacious, light and adaptable to the needs of the owners. They should be beautiful and contemporary whilst also being environmentally friendly and low cost to run. They should be filled with lifestyle technology and other design touches to make them more intelligent and future proof. And finally they must be made to last so they would need to be made of high quality materials and handcrafted but using a precision approach.

Slowly and with a meticulous attention to detail, the design came together.

Our founders then asked the public to help fund their vision. And in 2017 over 1,000 members of the public did just that, raising over £1m. This funded the creation of the first house – the nHouse3.

Today we offer 12 nHouse types with multiple design options. Our team has grown and an increasing number of people are learning about nHouse.

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We are recruiting

nHouse need people from the world of construction, design, manufacturing and building. We also want sales people, customer service staff and project managers.

We look for people who are frustrated with the inefficiencies of the traditional house building sector and who think “that will do” will never do.

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