“ We want everyone to love their homes. To feel proud, content and happy about where they return to at the end of each day. For homes to be filled with light, space, helpful technology. And not to cost the earth either financially or environmentally.

But something new needed to be imagined to achieve this. A new type of home. And so we designed the nHouse. A home that makes people happy. ”

Nick Fulford, CEO of nHouse

The nHouse Story

In 2017, nHouse founder Nick Fulford decided to build a home for his young family. He wanted it to be modern, eco-friendly, made using natural materials and designed to last many lifetimes.

But Nick couldn’t find what he wanted. Using an architect to design a big budget ‘Grand Designs’ type house might take years. Importing an expensive European kit house would be a headache. And the house sizes, styles and quality offered by the big house builders didn’t appeal.

There was only one answer, Nick would simply have to design his own house.

When Nick started showing his design ideas to friends and family it became clear from the positive feedback that he wasn’t the only home buyer looking for something better and different.

An idea was born to create a new house building company committed to making spacious, green, high quality homes full of natural materials and constructed using the latest high tech building methods.

Nick and a team of architects and builders spent two years developing a range of architectural designs, testing materials, prototyping, completing all the necessary engineering work and achieving the accreditations needed for the houses to be mortgage and warranty approved. They even settled on a name for the company when the working title of ‘nHouse’ stuck.

In 2020, nHouse was finally ready to start supplying houses. Since then they have delivered numerous homes across the UK as far afield as Devon and Cambridgeshire. Their homes have achieved energy efficiency ratings in the top 1%, have been profiled across the UK media and have even received accolades such as a Gold at the London Design Awards.

Today, nHouse offer five different houses with a starting price of £225,000. Buyers can select from numerous internal and external options and upgrades to make their home truly their own. nHouse also offer a range of support services from planning consultancy to groundworks. And because no one likes to wait years for a good thing, you can move into your new homes just 20 weeks after the build begins.

nHouse – now your home

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nHouse need people from the world of construction, design, manufacturing and building. We also want sales people, customer service staff and project managers.

We look for people who are frustrated with the inefficiencies of the traditional house building sector and who think “that will do” will never do.

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