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Modular explained

Making homes ‘modular’ simply means making houses in parts – ‘modules’ – in a precision production facility rather than building brick by brick on a building site.

Each ‘module’ is finished as much as possible inside and out – including all fixtures and finishes (right down to door handles screwed on).

The modules are then delivered to your building site using specialist delivery vehicles and assembled using cranes to make a fully finished home.

Why go modular?

Speed – we are not held back by the weather, limited light or design and build issues. Using a production line is very efficient. Three to four months after placing your order, your first finished nHouse will be ready for delivery. And we can deliver 300+ homes per year.

Quality – everything is checked and checked again and built to exacting standards in a state or the art factory on a modern production line. Would you rather your car was built in a rainy field? Same with houses.

Choice and support

nHouse offer 12 house, flat and bungalow types in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes to suit different tastes and needs. An nHouse is designed to sit on any foundation solution and can be detached, semi-detached or terraced. We deliver to most of the UK.

From low cost housing at £110 per square foot to designer luxury mansions, our range covers most budgets. We offer an end-to-end service from planning support to foundation works and landscaping.

You’re our priority

You are important. So often we are told that house builders find themselves being treated poorly by their supply chain – “an annoyance with an open wallet” was how one developer described it.

We don’t get it. It’s no way to treat a customer. So we don’t.

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Driving demand

Our nHouse range has been designed by award winning architects to be more spacious, eco-friendly and long lasting.

With lower running costs and ‘Grand Designs’ styling more people want to live in an nHouse than a typical new build. For your development this means more demand, faster sales and better exit prices.

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