Principle 1: People & Planet

A healthier and greener home

Modern homes can often seem ill-lit. By contrast the nHouse is filled with daylight thanks to large windows and roof lights. Our main rooms and our high ceilings create a welcome sensation of light and space.

The nHouse is filled with materials like wood and stone. The human body responds positively to natural environments which can help to create a sense of calm. High levels of acoustic performance provide the enhanced peace and quiet essential to modern living.


Every nHouse is made with the environment in mind

Principle 2: Design & Innovation


With a touch screen allowing owners to control their nHouse security, lighting and thermostat, a robot vacuum cleaner, house battery, car charging port, the nHouse is designed for future living.

Your nHouse can be adapted throughout its life to suit your changing needs. Want to extend from a three bedroom nHouse3 to a four bedroom nHouse4+ with extra living space? This can be achieved in under two weeks.

Designed for now

Making ‘modular’ homes simply means making houses in large parts – ‘modules’ – in a precision production facility rather than building brick by brick on a building site.

Each ‘module’ is finished as much as possible (approx.80% complete) – including all fixtures and finishes (right down to door handles being screwed on) prior to departure from the factory.

The modules are then transported to your foundations using specialist delivery vehicles and then assembled using cranes to ‘land’ the modules and make a complete structure.

Why Go Modular?


We are not held back by the weather, limited light or design and build issues. Offsite construction is very efficient. Three to four months after placing your order, your finished nHouse will be ready for delivery. A month after delivery your home is ready for occupation.


Everything is checked and checked again and built to exacting standards in a state or the art factory on a modern production line.

Principle 3: Quality & Care


nHouse has been designed to rigorous standards to comply with both BOPAS Accreditation. This means that our materials, approach and the way we make your home has been rigorously reviewed, tested and ultimately approved… to some of the highest standards in the world.

Each new nHouse comes with a 10 year guarantee and a 60 year structural warranty. Your nHouse is handcrafted in a state-of-the-art production facility before being delivered to your site. Only after extensive checking and approval by an independent quantity surveyor is your nHouse certified as ready for you to move in.

nHouse is accredited and supported by:

BOPAS. NaCSBA. Buildstore. mipim. Grand Designs Loves. Graven Hill Trade Directory badge.


nHouse offer a complete ‘turn-key’ service for selfbuilders. Our Client Services team will support you the entire way.

If needed we can act as your Main Contractor, Principal Contractor or Principal Designer We can also help manage the planning process and coordinate all the works taking place such as the groundworks, foundations and landscaping.

The nHouse core range of homes are pre-designed and approved meaning they are Building Control and Warranty friendly.

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