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Modular explained

‘Modular’ housing simply means making houses in parts – ‘modules’ –  in an offsite production facility rather than building brick by brick on a building site.

Each ‘module’ is finished as much as possible inside and out – including all fixtures and finishes (right down to door handles screwed on).

The modules are then delivered by HGV and the housing is assembled on site using a crane.

Why use modular?

Speed – we are not held back by the weather or limited light. Using a production line is very efficient. We deliver three to four months after order and can deliver 300+ homes per year.

Quality – everything is checked and checked again and built to exacting standards in a precision state or the art facility.

UK Gov supports modular

More choice and support

nHouse offer 12 houses, flat and bungalows in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes suiting different tastes and needs. An nHouse is designed to sit on any foundations solution and can be detached, semi-detached or terraced. We deliver to most of the UK.

From low cost housing at £110 per square foot to designer luxury mansions, our range covers most budgets too. We offer an end-to-end service from planning support to foundations and landscaping.


The nHouse range has BOPAS Accreditation, is fully compliant with Building Control and can be fitted with enhanced safety and fire proofing features or assisted living equipment.

Our high standards mean nHouse is available with a wide array of mortgages, insurances and warranties. Via nHouse partners, we are able to offer homes through the LHC New Homes Framework.

Greener construction

By using offsite precision construction, sustainable materials, quality insulation and the inclusion of other ‘eco’ elements such as a house battery and car charging points, each nHouse is able to minimise its carbon footprint and pollution impact and reduce running costs for residents.

The nHouse offsite system means building site noise, traffic, pollution and infrastructure damage are minimised.


Healthier homes

Our ‘biomorphic’ design embraces more daylight, living space, natural materials and better soundproofing.

Research reveals that a home designed to high biomorphic standards helps to reduce the occupants heart level and increase their health and happiness.

Our values

Options for all social housing home types

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